The Committee

The Committee exists just to try and make the running of the band simpler and more efficient than it otherwise would be if we all had a say and a vote on every minor decision. The members of the committee are elected at the AGM and serve for one year. Unlike many similar organisations, the whole committee thing is not at all political, it is purely practical and members can approach any of the committee at any time with suggestions, comments or gripes.

The current members of the committee who were elected at the AGM in January 2012 are:

Chairman Gerry Berrow (Drum Major)
Vice Chairman Roy Groves
Treasurer Sandra Whiteford
Secretary Jim Bakewell

Pipe Major Ron Aylin
Band Member Ian Grant (Pipe Sergeant)
Band Member Jenn Botterill (Drum Sergeant)
Band Member John Coombs
Public Relations Officer Richard Rowland